By combining Death Metal with slow Doom riffs and beautiful melodies played by violin, Endymæria has created her own unique style of music. The band from the east of the Netherlands is a force to be reckoned with. Their  love for music and their enthusiasm and energy clearly shows on stage, or as the dutch metal blog concluded: “This band knows how to create excitement and a great amount of dynamics by letting stylistically different passages flow into one another. The songs are a combination of catchy melodies and bombastic aggressive pieces, and with these seemingly conflicting elements they create a satisfying climax.”

With releasing their latest album, Endymæria has proven that it can “combine the groove of Amon Amarth with slow riffs à la My Dying Bride.” (Aardschok)

They have shared stages with The 11th Hour, Officium Triste, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Trail of Tears, The Monolith Deathcult, Houwitser, Altar, Caedere, Deathsquad, Heidevolk and Izigrim.

Their next steps? Playing as many shows this year as possible and recording a new album.

Join them on their musical journey!


Kay – Vocals                   member since 2014

Ferry – Guitar                    member since 2004

Ylona – Bass                    member since 2001

Ronnie – Drums              member since 2001

Pim – Guitar                      member since 2011